Are You Responsible For A Corporation's Debt?

If you invested in a corporation's products and services in the past, you may wonder if you're responsible for the corporation's debt once it files bankruptcy. In most cases, investors aren't liable for a corporation's debt. However, you may want to speak to a corporate lawyer about your situation soon. Learn more about limited liability and how a corporate lawyer may help you below. Can You Be Held Liable for a Corporation's Debt? [Read More]

Is It Too Late To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer After You Have Been Convicted Of A Crime?

You might know that most people choose to hire a criminal defense lawyer before they are ever convicted of a crime. It's true that it's best to hire a lawyer when you are facing criminal charges so they can help you as much as possible in court. If you have already been convicted of a crime, though, this does not mean that it's too late for you to hire a lawyer for help. [Read More]

How To Challenge A Will On Technical Grounds

While a will is meant to make sure that the deceased has some control over what is done with their assets after they pass away, this doesn't mean that the will cannot be disputed, especially if the will has not met all of the technical requirements. However, before you dispute a will, you will want to speak with a will dispute law attorney. Those Who Can Challenge a Will You will need to be an " [Read More]

Top Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Estate Planning

Estate planning is not something that most people look forward to — it can be uncomfortable to think about your own demise and what will happen after you pass away. However, estate planning is extremely important, and it is a simple way to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death. In addition, proper estate planning will also put measures in place in the event that you are physically or mentally incapacitated and are unable to make your own decisions. [Read More]